Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Swiss Chocolate?? For Real??

Extremely premenstrual and desperate for something chocolate I came across this Coffee-mate creamer.

Expiration: 3/13/2002, slightly more than 7 years ago.

However, looking at the label further, I found that there were so many preservatives it was probably safe to try. The problem was mainly that, apparently, creamer is meant to be put in HOT coffee which I refuse to drink except under extreme duress. I stirred and stirred and stirred and as you can see, the powder went everywhere but into the actual drink. It just floated on the top like a little chocolate raft.

When I finally decided to give up on the stirring and start with the drinking I found that although not good (and probably it was never good), it tasted like those little marshmallows in Count Chocula cereal. The ones that are both delicious, disgusting, hard and soft all at the same time.

Swiss chocolate? Naw, the Swiss would be embarassed to sell this stuff as their own!

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