Thursday, March 12, 2009

Coffee Time!!!

I found this giant container of coffee in the basement hidden under some other items (notice the dust) and immediately decided to turn it into my next experiment.

The price sticker (bright orange thing on the right you can't read) says it cost $7.50. Since when has any self-respecting coffee been priced at $2.50 a pound?? Well, I brewed it up by my favorite method..

I measured a pound of coffee and put it in my toddy 'machine' for 24 hours........

It looks pretty disgusting on the image but they all do so that didn't deter my mission.

Then I drained it and proceeded to prepare it for drinking. One quick sniff told me it was a bit weak and stale smelling and would need a LOT of doctoring up to be drinkable.

I added coffee, milk and about a pound and a half of sugar. None of this helped the coffee become drinkable. It was certainly stale and weak - and the purpose of the toddy coffee is to make coffee concentrate. This was anything but concentrated. In fact, it was weaker than Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Conclusion: If you have coffee that has been opened and is of an indeterminable age and quality STOP!! DON'T DRINK IT!!! I didn't come to the point of throwing this mess up, however I did compost the rest, it is not worth the pain to my taste buds.

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