Thursday, March 12, 2009

Metabolic Frolic

That's the name of the 10 year old tea I brewed up, Metabolic Frolic!! I happen to know this is 10 year old tea since I was responsible for purchasing it for the guilty party as a gift. Bad idea apparently.

It looks as if the tea has gone all powdery since it kept coming out of the tea brewer. This led to me having to fish out all the floating nibbly bits.

I decided to put it in as the liquid part of a smoothie since I love smoothies made with tea (used as others use juice or soy) and the fruit seems to hide all evils. Unfortunately this was not the case here.

All I wound up with was a pretty gross tasting smoothie. But when I told the other person I tricked into having half I was told, "It tastes like tea". Perhaps I just don't like the tea? Well stay tuned since there are many, many more old teas for me to try this trick on......

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