Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh Please No!

I ate this vintage manwich sauce not really knowing what a manwich was other than what the commercials from the 80s told me. I probably begged for the stuff back then thinking it was something really great. They say hindsight is 20/20.

Being a vegetarian, I made this Manwich with fake hamburger. The fake hamburger was of questionable vintage, you can see it is very icy which happens when food has spent a bit of time visiting the freezer. This added to the challenge.

I opened the slightly crusty jar of Manwich sauce (purchased at Star Market) which apparently although having the extra chunky bits added to it, is nothing more than a jar of poor quality barbecue sauce. I smelled it and was not impressed.

Not to be dissuaded, I browned my ground beef (isn't that what you did with all '80s meals?) and dumped the jar of sauce on it, stirred well and put it in a hamburger bun like they said. I could feel it rotting my stomach but I finished it like a champ and proceeded to complain for about 2 hours until the feeling passed. I don't think I'll be eating it any more.

I guess the 5 year old can of Manwich I also found might have to go directly into the trash. I couldn't even donate it to a food pantry and feel good about myself in the morning if it hadn't expired.


Tim said...

Oh I love manwich, I'll take the other can to go with the cheese!

Janice said...

You are gross, Timmy! Even without Swissy and Sharpy, you'd be setting yourself up for a trip to the ER.

j9 said...

Yeah, that from the one who took the leftover vintage Manwich to work!!!!!