Thursday, April 9, 2009

How does old spice paste taste?

I have to say, this one was pretty good! I don't have anything to poke fun of, so this will be a disappointing post. The gross ones are the best, aren't they? If they weren't, this project wouldn't be any fun.

The slightly greasy bottle of Moroccain Spice Paste had only been expired for 7 years. "Only" is a relative term here--we've had scarier findings.

Adding the spice paste to some water and rice in a rice cooker produced pretty good results! I added in some ground lamb and cilantro and successfully passed it off as regular food. Hopefully, no one who ate it will read this. 

Moral of the story--always ask questions when I hand you food ;) 


Anonymous said...

Or more likely if you want to eat, don't ask any questions, just eat it.

j9 said...

ALWAYS ASK if there's cheese involved. ALWAYS ASSUME the cheese might be slighly 'off'. I've made that mistake before, won't make it again :)