Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I-Scream Cone

I think I heard somewhere that New Englanders eat more ice cream than any other part of the country. I certainly feel like I have contributed significantly to this number but miss the roadside ice cream stands in the winter. There are a few more weeks (or days hopefully) until the stands open again so what better way to get ready for the summer ice cream frenzy than by warming up my ice cream muscle with 5 year-old chocolate-dipped ice cream cones and some ice cream from a box?!?

As you can see from the picture, the bottom cone is crumbling and missing most of one side. The chocolate is crumbly (and all over the counter) and unfortunately what little taste it had was chalky.

On top of that, the cone itself was chewy as can be expected at that age. Well the ice cream was good and I ate the cone first to get rid of it before getting down to business.

Well, I can only look forward to warmer weather and fresh ice cream in a new cone. Preferably with the milk cows the ice cream came from in the distance (though I could do without the flies)!

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