Thursday, February 26, 2009

Triple Threat: Expired Sour Cream, Petrified Brown Sugar & Ancient Hot Sauce

Expired Sour Cream: If you could zoom in and see the date on the container you would see it is dated 1/17/2009. It is now over a month later.
Petrified Brown Sugar: This ingredient is of an undetermined age but takes a huge knife and a LOT of muscle to get a piece to use off the piece.
Ancient Hot Sauce: There is no date whatsoever on the bottle. I can tell this bottle is ancient due to a few factors. The main way I can tell is the price sticker on the bottle. There hasn’t been a Star Market nearby for a very long time. A quick google search tells me Shaws acquired Star Market in 1999. Plus, it's a bit clumpy.

These 3 questionable ingredients will be paired with sweet potatoes and salt and baked to make Friendly Toast style Orleans Fries. The final result is in the photo below.

Undesirable consequences from eating this food? None at the time of this writing……

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