Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Roly Poly Fish Heads

No, I didn't find a fish head stuck behind the freezer-burned raspberries. But, I did find some two-year-old wine in the fridge that I used (in conjunction with a very fresh fish head) to make fish stock. Mmm... miso soup.... I did take a picture of the fish head, too, but I'll spare you.

Yeah, yeah, I know that SOME wine gets better with age. But not two buck Chuck. Believe me. Especially since it's been in the fridge, opened, for a good portion of those two years. Simmer for an hour on the stove, though, with a good mirepoix and it's not so bad.


Kari said...

you are far braver than I....

jeanine said...

Three Buck Chuck is NEVER GOOD!!!!! Don't call it that at Trader Joe's though or you'll get 'the speech'.

You don't want 'the speech'.