Monday, August 3, 2009

Vintage meats, coming to a snack drawer near you

Recently, I was in serious need of a snack at work. So, I raided the snack drawer of a co-worker. It's ok, I had permission to be in there (permission by relation, anyway). No, I'm not the crazy person that eats everyone's food after they've gone home for the day. Anyway, back to the point of the post...

So, I opened up the drawer, and to my delight, came across this vintage bonanza. Every single item, except for a few single-serving microwave popcorn bags, was fair game for this blog. Here's the breakdown of what I discovered:

1) Pacific chai instant hot beverage: no date, but I know that it is from at least one, probably two Christmases ago. Still tasty, thank you very much.

2) Butter toffee: expired 5/27/09. Empty, except for buttery toffee crumbs at the bottom. Crumbs were stuck to the bottom, so no taste test.

3) Swiss trail mix: expired 10/25/2007. All that was left were a whole bunch of crusty raisins. Everything else got picked out, since the drawer's owner doesn't believe in raisins in trail mix. Buy another kind, I say, or at least throw them out before they end up on a blog. Not so tasty since the raisin flavor had pretty much packed up and left. Plus, the sugars in the raisins had gotten all crunchy. Barely passable in a serious pinch.

4) Cajun party mix: expired 11/9/2007. Words cannot describe how disgusting this one was, so let's move on, shall we?

5) Quaker oatmeal: expired 2/7/2008. These were actually completely fine. Must be all the powdery sugary flavors that make them last. Maybe I could pep them up a bit with some crusty raisins. The heat might make the raisins more tolerable.

6) Goldfish: no date. However, these goldfish have made it through two apartment moves and one house move (so that's where that Tupperware went), so think on that one. Besides the fact that they were no longer bright orange, but had faded to a soft beige, they tasted like furniture polish. There was no swallowing them, believe me. Blech.

I need to make better connections at work if I am going to sustain myself on other people's snack drawers.


jeanine said...

I'M CRYING AND CAN'T BREATHE (with laughter of course). Tell that 'person' to clean out his drawer!!!!!

Janice said...

Oh, he knows! Apparently, even blogging about it hasn't shamed him into updating his snacks. He really needs to, though--what else am I supposed to do if I forget to bring dinner to work with me? I can only eat so much PB&J.