Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vintage Milks - Milk Chocolate

I'm afraid this one is mine. Way back when I was in school and working I would be gone for up to 16 hours at a time. Being a student I didn't have the money to buy food so I went on a quest to find tasty flat food.

Sandwiches were an obvious choice, as were bananas (they weren't so portable though). I also tried every single processed food bar available - Luna bars, Power bars and on and on. Most of them were fairly disgusting and dry and tasted like fiber and I almost gave up. That is until I found the Slim-Fast bars. They call it a Meal Option but really they are candy bars with vitamins (and they have one that tastes like Butterfinger candy bars and Milky Way bars).

This one obviously wasn't delicious enough and I found it hidden in a bag I haven't used for years. Five years to be exact.

I tried to eat it but made it as far as one bite, which I promptly spit out. All of the chocolatey goodness was gone and eating the bar was like chewing a vitamin pill.

For reals, it was nasty!

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